The “Engaged Media” Series continues after 3 talks in SE Asia during February and March (at NTU Singapore, Sàn Art HCMC, Assumption University, Bangkok) with a presentation at the S.I.D. (Sound, Image, Data) conference at NYU Steinhardt (35 W 4 St., #303) on Thursday July 23 at 10:30 AM.   Full program at

A shout-out to OCR, Lanfranco Aceti, Tae Hong Park and their team for the curatorial concept + realization of this conference!2015-07 SID conf Talk invite


7 thoughts on “Somewhere

  1. “InterActions” lecture series in the Interactive Media department of Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) will begin on February 4 5pm with a lecture by Mechthild Schmidt Feist ! (fb post by Tamiko Thiel, Visiting Professor ADM)
    href=”” title=”InterActions, Talk Singapore ADM”>

  2. Good talk & on to a Petcha Kutcha after. Thanks to Tamiko & Peter for having me.

    Today is day 1 in Yangon. still have to make up my mind on this. The dust & dirt surprised me. Good hostel.

  3. A day in Bagan felt like three. Humbling & amazing …2000 temples, pagodas scattered across the plain. Yes, I have seen photos, but they can hardly do justice to the art that has lasted 1000 years.

  4. Hey Mekki, I thought youwould be travelling and having a good (relaxing) time? This sounds like you”re mostly working during your travels ins Asia and sightseeing comes in here and there… Wouldn’t be you, right??? ;))
    Take care! We’re not as young as we once used to be… XD

  5. Na ja, es ist ja ein Forschungssemester, und Ich habe Kontakte in 5 Städten . Heute treffe ich einen Design Professor hier in Chiang Mai . Aber keine Sorge, die antike Kultur kommt nicht zu kurz, das schreiben hier aber schon. Die nächsten Tage ist Chinese New Year, alles ist mit reisenden Chinesen ausgebucht – aber gefeiert wird in Thailand nicht wie in China oder Vietnam ( nächste Station).

  6. Entering the last week of my travels. Highlights:
    Hue boat&smooth cycle trip to ancient tombs/pagodas,
    Hoi An bike to the beach day
    Talk at SànArt HCMC
    AO Show at Saigon Opera
    Spending an afternoon with a Vietnamese woman
    14 hr bus trip HCMC through Cambodia to Siem Reap
    Yes, Angkor Wat despite the masses & biking into nearby villages, markets.

    Today a lazy day at Sabine’s and Georg’s house in Jakarta, but wasted time fretting about changing hotels in Bangkok (didn’t). Went for Absolutely delicious and authentic Indonesian dinner!

  7. After a last talk, this one at Assumption University, School of Communication Arts, ( danke Jürgen Moritz!) Only 1 Day is left in Bangkok before heading back.

    Time seems twisted. Some days this trip feels like 3 weeks, sometimes like 3 months. So many new images in my head, experiences, memories.

    Among all amazing cultural,sites, the Shwedagon Pagoda In Yangon stands out, followed by the Temple of Literature, by Bagan and Angkor Wat. Beautiful discoveries were small Bhuddist neighborhood temples, tucked in between houses, alive with worshippers. People I met, landscapes I saw.

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