I work with poetic and political images in digital and public art environments. Sometimes they move, sometimes they are mapped onto Google Earth or onto a building.

My media art practice of many years is Engaged Media, combining art + advocacy on environmental and related social issues. My work advocates individual and grass-root action as a means to an empowered, positive approach to systemic change and a renewed relation to nature. By creating new visual relationships between individual and shared fates I hope to generate empathy, hope and empowerment.

I start with myself. Each of us can make a difference. I want art + culture + us humans to stay here for a bit longer.

More on my professional life on LinkedIn

Some of my videos and early (1986+) work on Vimeo: Engaged media,  Motion Design

My underused Instagram:

I teach at NYU – our Media Student Club is on Facebook:

I make, I teach, I travel (still – but just very targeted now, having somewhat depleted my CO2 budget) ….

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