‘Shanghai maps of light + shadow’, at Fudan University and Center for Jewish Studies

Shanghai, May 31 and June 5, 2019.

Demonstrating project research on Zhoushan Road at Fudan University.

At CJSS with (l to r): Consul A. Braverman (Israel), Consul M. Hallensleben (Germany), Prof. M. Schmidt Feist, Prof Dr. Pan Guang, J.Erling (correspondent DieWelt), M. Golth and B.Gerstl (Austrian Service Abroad)

As an NYU GRI fellow (Global Research Initiative) at NYU Shanghai, I was invited to a talk at Fudan University by Dr. Sakine Weikert and Dean Li to present the work-in-progress of ‘Shanghai maps of light + shadow’, an interactive mapping project on Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. For the same project I met with Professor Prof. Pan Guang, at the Center for Jewish Studies Shanghai (CJSS) at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

See also NYU articles:

Mechthild Schmidt Feist Clinical Professor, Department of Applied Undergraduate Studies, School of Professional Studies Faculty Fellows

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (May 27 – June 20, 2019)” 


“DAUS Professor Mechthild Schmidt Feist Continues Her ‘Engaged Media’ Series” (Nov.14, 2019)


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