INDIA Blog 3 (Feb + March)

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  1. Mysore
  2. Fulbright Conference + Kerala Backwaters
  3. Lalbagh Garden and Metro
  4. TreeStory project
  5. Corona and Epilogue

My last batch of entries was a month ago. Since then, so much has happened, and I am afraid my current situation tints earlier days – I try not to + write in present tense (tense is alright!). So much happened around, before, after and in parallel to my research and project prep (which I get to at the end)

I start with a few small but beautiful interactions: Srishti has a system of ‘Master Classes’ or guest lectures. I already wrote about my first talk. This month I was invited to Vasanthi’s Film Art history class to present my work. Later I conducted 2 sessions with our class and a group interested in mapping and animating.

Then Petja and Elena from Ljubljana arrived as my new roommates for a 10-day workshop. We were instant soul mates. Elena’s art installations and Petja’s clothing line are beautiful environmentally conscious work. A side note of utter serendipity: what are the chances of Apsara, a friend of a friend in NY to equally live a few minutes from me in NY AND in Bangalore – AND is friends with Petja and Elena from Ljubljana? Love it!  Ok – next topic:


The 19th century opulent Mysore Palace

On a breather from my work + in search of Mughal architecture and temples I go on an overnight trip to Mysore, once a south-Indian capital. While the most famous monument is the opulent 19th century Mysore palace, my favorite was the late 18th century Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan outside Mysore in Srirangapatna. Unassuming from the outside, the green shades are hiding a treasure of paintings and carvings covering all outside walls. Beautiful arches open to a terrace and open courtyard. On the way back I reluctantly stopped at a bird sanctuary – and it was so beautiful, lush, and serene!

Tipu Sultan’s 18th cent Summer Palace. Architecture with grace + lace.

Curious, I followed up with a visit to Tipu’s Bangalore summer palace – but it pales in comparison.

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