‘Engaged Media’ meets ‘Art in Transit’

Despite Corona cutting into my Fulbright grant, the 14 weeks in India are still growing in my thoughts.
I am thankful to Arzu Mistry and Natasha Sharma from Srishti Art Institute and Art in Transit Bangalore for publishing the path to my project: ‘Engaged Media’ meets ‘Art in Transit’. (May 1, 2020). Read it here: https://medium.com/art-in-transit/engaged-media-meets-art-in-transit-4202bef43f5c

2 thoughts on “‘Engaged Media’ meets ‘Art in Transit’

  1. Hi Mechthild, I like the mockup of the subwaystation very much. Is there a chance your partners in India can still realise it?
    Our map with the corona shortfilms are online now: https://openhypervideo.github.io/AG-DOK-Map/
    If you pull it to NY, you will find our skype talk.
    It is also online at https://www.dokfest-muenchen.de/?lang=en

    Looking forward to do another skype with you, let me know when it is cnvenient for you, all the best from Berlin, Angela

  2. Thank you, Angela! yes, I hope to collaborate with Arzu and Yash if they can again work at Lalbagh! And we’ll schedule a Skype! Mechthild

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